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With the newly installed newsletter we want to inform you about new tests and trends concering animal genetics.
You will find interesting data e.g. on availability of tests as well as on clinical relevance, handling procedures and turnaround times.

We hope you enjoy reading.

Genetics Newsletter 2015

Newsletter 04/2015 (178KB)Newsletter 04/2015 

- Hereditary skin diseases in dogs
  Hereditary nasal parakeratosis (HNPK)
  Dry eye and curly coat syndrome
- Progressive retinal atrophy in cats 


Newsletter 03/2015Newsletter 03/2015 

- Dandy-Walker-Like Malformation (DWLM) in Eurasians
- Lagotto storage disease (LSD) in the Lagotto Romagnolo
- Hereditary Ataxia in the Bobtail
- Fanconi syndrome* in Basenjis
- Adult Onset Neuropathy (AON)*
   in the English Cocker Spaniel and Field Spaniel
- “Juvenile Laryngeal Paralysis & Polyneuropathy”
   (JLPP)* in the Black Russian Terrier and Rottweiler
- New for the cats  


Newsletter 02/2015Newsletter 02/2015 

- Ichthyosis in Golden Retrievers
- Synopsis of the VDH Dog Health Work-shop
- Change in our prices as of March 1st 2015
- Finally, that which belongs together is together
- Spring is coming - what you should be thinking about now



Newsletter 01/2015Newsletter 01/2015

- B locus – News about the well known
- Genetics and more
- LABOKLIN on the go -  Exhibition dates 2015
- DM - European patent granted


Genetics Newsletter 2014

Newsletter 05/2014Newsletter 05/2014

-  Cystinuria: News for what we know
-  In cooperation with Professor Dr. Giger
-  Online application to LABOKLIN 
-  LABOKLIN on facebook



Newsletter 03/2014 Newsletter 03/2014 

- Genetics and more  
- Bleeding disorders in dogs  von Willebrand Disease
- The tick season has begun


Newsletter 02/2014 Newsletter 02/2014 

- Update on Pyruvate Kinase deficiency in cats and dogs
- Shortened running time for a  number of tests
- 25 year success story for LABOKLIN
- Spring is coming - what you should be thinking about now


Newsletter 01/2014 Newsletter 01/2014

Package deals for genetic testing  available until 30.04.2014

We are pleased to present you with a variety of genetic testing combinations as a special promotional offer. We have put together breed-specific genetic test combinations -based on the needs of our customers over the past few years. The packages contain only genetic tests that are sensible for the various breeds, since the examined gene variants have been verifiably related to disease. Therefore, our packages are not a random assortment of genetic tests, but rather sensible combinations dependent on the breed.


Genetics Newsletter 2013

Newsletter 03/2013Newsletter 03/2013

 - PRA in Basenjis as well as in Papillons  and Phalènes
 - Cystinuria in Labradors and  Australian Cattle Dogs
 - CMSD in Chinese Cresteds und  Kerry Blue Terriers
 - Hereditary cataract in Boston Terriers and Staffordshire Bull Terriers
 - Inherited myopathy in the Great Dane


Newsletter 02/2013Newsletter 02/2013

- LABOKLIN now Optigen agency
- Late onset ataxia in Parson Russell Terriers
- Progresssive retinal atrophy (rcd4-PRA)
- Primary lens luxation (PLL)
- Hair length


Newsletter 01/2013Newsletter 01/2013

- Old and new in HCM
- New diagnostics for FIP
- we offer tests for the Labrador Retriever


Genetics Newsletter 2012

Newsletter 4/2012Newsletter 4/2012

Genetic diseases in the dermatology
Genetic diseases in the neurology
New at LABOKLIN: IGS in the Border Collie


Newsletter 3/2012Newsletter 3/2012

CHG in Spanish Water Dogs
ENM in Dutch Kooiker
PDE in Pugs
Ichthyosis in Golden Retrievers
Rcd4-PRA in Irish Setters and Gordon Setters
Dwarfism in Labrador Retrievers


Newsletter 2/2012

Coat colour expert Dr. Anna Laukner now in team LABOKLIN
MLS in Beagles
Research projet about PHA, vWD and Haemophilia
TNS and dwarfism - now available on site
Controlles breeding using genetic tests?


Genetics Newsletter 2011

pdf fileNewsletter 1/2011

NEW: Episodic Falling in Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
NCL in Tibetan Terriers
JEB In German Short-Haired Pointer
Dilution: LABOKLIN acquired patent rights
Smears as sample material
MDR1-new pharmaceutical list
Hemophilia A in dogs

Genetics Newsletter 2010

pdf fileNewsletter 3/2010

Exercise Induced Collapse
Degenerative Myelopathy of older Dogs
Inherited Myopathies in Labrador Retriever Dogs - cnm or HMLR?


Newsletter 2/2010 Newsletter 2/2010

 Genetic test for polyneuropathy in Greyhounds
 Haemophilia B in Rhodesian Ridgeback Dogs
 Primary Lens Luxation (PLL) -Genetic test now available in german
 Use and uselessness of genetic tests in animals of breeds 
 in which the test has not been validated    


Newsletter 1/2010Newsletter 1/2010 (cat)
Blood groups in Cats 
Why détermination of blood type? 
Determination of the blood type 
rdAc-PRA mutation


Genetics Newsletter 2009

Newsletter 4/2009Newsletter 4/2009 (dog)

MDRl-Gentest: rechtliche Situation 
MDRl-Defekt - Die Arzneistoffe 
Schneller: prcd-PRA-Gentest 

Newsletter 3/2009Newsletter 3/2009 (cat)

Parentage verification
Hair length
CoatColours - Useful tests
Colour Tests


Newsletter 2/2009 (dog)Newsletter 2/2009 (dog)

DNA-Profiles (dog)
DNA data base
Parentage verifi cation
Breed mapping
Parentage with missing parents
Coat colours in dogs


Newsletter 1/2009Newsletter 1/2009

EIC - exclusive license to LABOKLIN
GM2 Genetic tests now available
Buccal swabs - appropriate material
LABOKLIN quality standards
MDR1 - update

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